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Special Moments…

It hit me on Thursday as my 2.5 year old was playing in some Autumn leaves on the way to Kindy that I was watching quite a special moment. I was so absorbed in watching her throw herself into the great piles of leaves that I was quite bemused when I noticed that every second car was slowing down just so they could watch her. I was suddenly put into the situation where I had to decide if it was worth the risk of interrupting her game just to get my phone out to get some pictures. At 2.5, the slightest distraction can completely derail a particular event. But I knew that with the morning light filtering through the leaves, I could get some incredible photos to share with my family who are mostly based in Qld and of course my Husband who due to work, misses out on a lot of these simple yet special moments.

Boy am I glad I did…I love the photos and I hope that you too can see how much fun she is having!


Lucy xx


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