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Hello world!

Hello world!

Well that just about sums up the way I feel…

I have been thinking about starting a blog for just over a year now, ever since I received a new sewing machine for Christmas in 2010 and thought it would be an interesting exercise to see if after a decade of not sewing at all, I could come up with a newly completed project every week. But I kept coming back to the main question that was preventing me from starting it. “Who would care…?” Contrary to my usual procrastination, I actually did manage to stick to my sewing resolution and although I failed to blog about it, I did manage to turn it into a small business which I run from home. With this new found passion, I also found another one, blogs… I devour them, I eagerly get up in the morning to have a little peek into other peoples day to day lives and feel comforted with our similarities and thankful that I know I am not the only person to have quirky personality traits. So here I proudly introduce to you my little blog. Primarily, I will be using this as a handy way to circumnavigate around Facebooks nasty competition guidelines, but will also share photos and stories that I think may interest you!

Happy reading, and please don’t be a stranger…

Lucy xx


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  1. Dearest Lucy ,
    Mum has just sent me a pic of your vintage party style dress , it is absolutely gorgeous and feel sure you will be in undated with orders . Good luck and hope you and Xander are both well .
    With love Heather B x


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