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Christmas Break…

Wow! What a ride my family and I have been on this year. We have moved house twice, been pregnant twice, had one failed pregnancy and have also had to endure the devastating loss of one of our twins at 21 weeks. However, through it all there has been a few constantly shining lights in my life that have helped me to get up, get dressed and move forward. My immediate and extended family, my amazing girlfriends, the incredible network of friends I now have through other facebook businesses and of course my page and its likers who have propped me up on the darkest of dark days.

There were many a seam that I have had to unpick and resew over the past 16 weeks as the tears have won, but creating beautiful items which are then worn by your beautiful children fills my soul with such a sense of fulfillment that I have always been able to refocus my energy on this extremely precious miracle which is due to be born in 4 weeks time. Tonights market night will be my last for a few months, but I will definitely be continually creating and offering the occasional item up for sale while I get to know my newest baby. I will undoubtedly be flooding your newsfeed with a ridiculous amount of proud Mummy shots as well!!!

Please feel free to keep in contact via my facebook page…


Special Moments…

It hit me on Thursday as my 2.5 year old was playing in some Autumn leaves on the way to Kindy that I was watching quite a special moment. I was so absorbed in watching her throw herself into the great piles of leaves that I was quite bemused when I noticed that every second car was slowing down just so they could watch her. I was suddenly put into the situation where I had to decide if it was worth the risk of interrupting her game just to get my phone out to get some pictures. At 2.5, the slightest distraction can completely derail a particular event. But I knew that with the morning light filtering through the leaves, I could get some incredible photos to share with my family who are mostly based in Qld and of course my Husband who due to work, misses out on a lot of these simple yet special moments.

Boy am I glad I did…I love the photos and I hope that you too can see how much fun she is having!


Lucy xx

Hello world!

Hello world!

Well that just about sums up the way I feel…

I have been thinking about starting a blog for just over a year now, ever since I received a new sewing machine for Christmas in 2010 and thought it would be an interesting exercise to see if after a decade of not sewing at all, I could come up with a newly completed project every week. But I kept coming back to the main question that was preventing me from starting it. “Who would care…?” Contrary to my usual procrastination, I actually did manage to stick to my sewing resolution and although I failed to blog about it, I did manage to turn it into a small business which I run from home. With this new found passion, I also found another one, blogs… I devour them, I eagerly get up in the morning to have a little peek into other peoples day to day lives and feel comforted with our similarities and thankful that I know I am not the only person to have quirky personality traits. So here I proudly introduce to you my little blog. Primarily, I will be using this as a handy way to circumnavigate around Facebooks nasty competition guidelines, but will also share photos and stories that I think may interest you!

Happy reading, and please don’t be a stranger…

Lucy xx